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Anne-Lise ROUSSET Team Oxsitis® on The Rut

The Rut Rousset

Next 2, 3 and 4 september 2016, will unfold the Rut a race in Montana state final stage of the World Skyrunning Series. Anne-Lise Rousset leave as the big favorite female of this beautiful race.

Anne-Lise Rousset is a member of the Oxsitis Running Team. Anne-Lise is now one of the best Skyrunning trail runner in the world. She knew assert its superiority in the world of trail running ending in 2016 she finished vice-champion of France and world champion by team in 2015. Anne-Lise decided this year to embark on the race being The Rut step of the final of the world championships Skyrunning Series.

The Rut Race

Anne -Lise used for several years and became the ambassador naturally. Always abreast of what is best in hydration and sports technical equipment, this collaboration allows the athlete to always look for more performance. To become this beautiful trail running champion, Anne-Lise is surrounded by very few brands , but all essential to its success and performance.


Oxsitis is a French brand, founded in the center of France in a little town near the vulcans in 2008 by the chairman Fabien ANDRIEUX. The brand is a specialist of sport hydration. Oxsitis expended its product line to encompass many sports and regions woldwide.

Oxsitis produces a wide range of equipment and services in the hydration and technical sport luggage. The consulting program launched in 2014 allows personalized nutrition coaching and customized physical preparation.

Oxsitis provides a comprehensive response to the needs of top athletes but also to amateurs by combining added value, innovation and performance. Oxsitis supports its customers in their passion and leads them in the achivement of their goals.

Anne Lise Rousset sur la Pierra Menta 2016

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