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The Company Oxsitis®

oxsitis andrieux


Near 1 Million € Turnover in 2015 Growth of 50%  from 2013

9 Countries Number of countries where the brand is present and distributed

8 Years Since the creation of the company

+ than 75 Number of products available

+ than 500 000 Number of products sold

+ than 250 Number of retailers in Europe

Targeted sectors : Sport hydration, hydration back packs, personalized coaching, personalized physical preparation, sport accessories.

Fabien andrieux

Fabien Andrieux, CEO of Oxsitis

Oxsitis is a French brand, founded in the Auvergne in 2008 by its chairman FABIEN ANDRIEUX, specialized in the domain of sport hydration. OXSITIS is THE international reference in the activity of hydration.


Oxsitis expanded its product line to encompass many sports and regions throughout Europe. Oxsitis produces a wide range of equipment and services in the hydration and technical luggage. The consulting program launched in 2014 allows personalized nutrition coaching and customized physical preparation.


Oxsitis provides a comprehensive response to the needs of top athletes but also to amateurs by combining added value, innovation and performance. Oxsitis supports its customers in their passion and leads them in the achievement of their goals.


Oxsitis sells an assortment of products with a very high level of quality, resulting from years of research and development. Items are always at the forefront of technology, and designed with the last innovation to radically bring value and improve the performance of their owners.


Oxsitis, the French innovative brand to maximize your performance.

END to End Offer and complementarity

The company located in Auvergne proposes complementary products to improve hydration, practical and comfort of the athletes. From container, with luggage, to content, with sports nutrition, Oxsitis brand offers a complete range of technical Luggage (hydration bags, belts, accessories …), dietetic and sports nutrition (energy drinks, nutrition effort, product preparation and recovery).


Strong commitment to R & D and innovation

Oxsitis committed since its creation in research and development in order to associate Evolution (R)evolution. This is in the field of luggage, such as nutrition and sports physiology. The lab uses the latest technology, scientific work to innovate in its products. Nutritionally, clinical studies in real conditions allow moving research in sports nutrition and validate the effectiveness and relevance of the developed realization.


Knowledge made in France

Oxsitis ensures manufacturing Made in France as soon as the technical and expertise permits. The internal Lab Innovation realizes scientific studies ensuring quality and safety, patented products, innovation, respect of norms, dye-free products, allergen-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.


Oxsitis Consulting

Very close to our customers, Oxsitis certifies the continued relevance of our offers and innovative services while co-working and co-innovating with the athletes. We obviously use the opportunity to have our TEAM OXSITIS to improve our assets. The Oxsitis Consulting program includes personalized nutrition coaching with personalized physical training and the organization of tailored trainings courses. The consultants provide diagnostic, design and implement physical conditioning programs. They offer full monitoring approach to athletes to upgrade, perform, progress or start a sport.


Oxsitis Digital

Oxsitis capitalizes on digital since its creation. Our experts have already realized a dedicated smartphone application and work on the development of a complete application to follow the performance.

Unique innovations :

The first range of drinks adapted to weather conditions

The first backpack adapted to the female morphology

The first hydration belt adapted to left-handers


They are convinced :

AS Monaco (Football Ligue 1)

Oxsitis is the first technical partner in the nutrition activity since February 2013.

Clermont Foot 63 (Ligue 2)

Oxsitis is the partner of the professional team since 2015.

CCRB et ASVEL (Basket-ball ProA)

Oxsitis technical partnership since 2014.


(Trail World champion)

Anne Lise is member of the TEAM OXSITIS

Volley-Ball (National Team)

Oxsitis is partner of the French team since 2013.

ENDURO (National Team)

Oxsitis is technical partner of many French pilotss : Marc Bourgeois, Jérémy Joly & Julien Gauthier.

Fabien andrieux

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